"Confidence and Communication are not taught in schools, so we pursued a vision to nationally fill the gap"

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Why Must You Do This Now?

The Slash Plan is the plan that enables every participant from anywhere in the world to join over 4000 people who have become sustainably confident and impressively competent at communicating effectively.

If you are struggling, this is not the time to negotiate with your struggle. Stop keeping your struggles private. Stop forming introvert. Stop secretly hoping, or wishing or maybe praying that your confidence gets magically better.

There is a solution for you. Certified Speaking is for you. Register now by clicking any of the 3 buttons above or below. It is flexible, you can do it at your own pace and time and it is highly slashed for now. It is slashed for the next 30 days from 65,000 Naira to 10,000 Naira.

You need to be sure about your confidence and stop coexisting with your struggle. It is time to move forward with our help, because what can you impressively do without your confidence?

The Psychology of Confidence: this course would help to heal your self-esteem, boost your self-worth, help find your confidence and help establish it. Additionally, we also have courses that focuses on your Communication Effectiveness such as “Effective Impromptu Speeches, The Politics of Speaking, The Psychology of Persuasion, Taking Charge of Conversations and many more.

CertifiedSpeaking Focuses on 7 of the Toughest Confidence and Communication Issues. These issues are broken down to 19 Digestible Modules and 18 Video Modules plus Practical Support. It also comes with Mentorship Support, Call Centre Support, Email Newsletters, Radio Support and Human Chat Support.

  1. We have a world class company that trains and certify participants, namely StevenHaastrup Consulting.
  2. Our platform, approach and structure has been tested and proven by thousands of students and career professionals nationwide
  3. The contents on this platform has a Nigerian context plus human support to help students gain better understanding
  4. We update our courses to reflect much needed communication solutions
  5. Virtual, flexible and structured courses and modules with AI support
  6. 6 months course material and support access.
  7. CPD-UK Communication and Confidence Certification after course completion

What our students say?

CertifiedSpeaking helped build up my confidence and competence. I can also figure out areas of commonalities with people and take charge of conversations.
- Nnamdi Anyaora
I never regretted my decision enlisting as a candidate for the programme. I was overwhelmed with the delicate attention given to tutor the courses in the programme. Every course was a building block that has given me an exposure that is already rewarding for me. I would encourage and refer people to this page because what I have learnt so far is massive and has changed my assumptions to clearer understanding, I want that for others too.
- Onyinyechi Azuma
CertifiedSpeaking has helped me gain confidence when speaking in front of a crowd. The program made me understand that I can turn my weaknesses into my strength which is a big deal for me and I am grateful for that.
- Eseohen Golden
I gained a lot of new things especially new knowledge that will help me in my chosen career.
- Abimbola Olonade
It was impactful, educative and research full. I learnt a lot from this course
- Chimaka Chukwuemeka
This course was a mind opener. It is a life guide to being an effective speaker. From the different characteristics effective speakers to possess down to Being Authentic and of Great Influence. It nurtured and brought positive change in the public speaking world. Conclusively, I had a great experience.
- Kamsi Mercy
Very fantabulous to participate in this certified speaking program, I have gained a lot, infact I can't express how impactful this program has helped my speaking skills, it triggers my confidence, it made me believe in myself and taught me to always go for excellence and not perfection. God bless Steven Haastrup for bringing such a helpful program to liberate the masses. I really enjoyed the program. Thanks
- Nnaemeka Samuel
My experience during the course was awesome because I could relate with the course content and also practice whatsoever I have learnt.
- Omobowale Vincent
I was intrigued and highly challenged to be better than I was in public speaking. It's been years I have been battling with stage fright but thanks to this great platform which made me see beyond those frights and also help to channel them into something more productive, fun and exciting. I'm also delighted to be part of this and yes, staying in one’s comfort zone will do one more harm than good. I learnt that in the course of becoming a certified speaker. Thank You.
- Similoluwa Adekanye
It was awesome and eye opening. I learnt how to build my self-confidence alongside some other lessons on leadership and influence. It was a wonderful experience all together. Kudos to the team!
- Elizabeth Agboola
My experience with the course was very exciting, I earned more knowledge and proficiency, Infact, it showed me some ways to progress my confidence and boost my moral in facing the challenges that have to with speaking to the public. Thank you very much for this awesomely timed program.
- Ahmad Jamiu Aweda

StevenHaastrup Consulting is responsible for CertifiedSpeaking Digital and is also the sponsor of the “slash program”. The firm is a communication, media, political and image management firm based in Lagos, Abuja and London.

We have worked with diverse distinguished political and social offices/personalities, ranging from some notables offices in the Nigerian Presidency, Senators, House of Rep Member(s), Directors of Parastatals, PDP National Working Committee, and also some diverse arms of some notable organizations in and out of the country, few of which are National Pension Commission, Raw Material Research and Development Commission, IITA, Haggai Institute USA, Hewlett-Parker Nigeria, YOA Insurance, Zenith Bank Nigeria, NAPIMS, NDDC, Covenant University, FUNAAB, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, First Bank Nigeria, Shell Nigeria, Total Petroleum, etc…. Read More about the company HERE