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CertifiedSpeaking is Africa’s first digital platform for practically learning communication and public speaking and getting certified at it. This platform has students studying from Nigeria and other parts of the world like the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Egypt.
Studying communication and public speaking on this platform makes you into a more effective
communicator and also a globally certified one with the United Kingdom CCP, CPD-UK certification. (Read more about the UK accreditation here). 
Click on Membership Plan to know what plan best fits you. You should also click on Courses for more insight into how these courses can help you become better and also certified. Kindly tour the platform and if you have any questions or need clarification, check the FAQ or chat our very responsive customer service from the chat box at the bottom of the platform.
StevenHaastrup Consulting also “personally and flexibly” help clients globally through the company’s
global program called CoachMe. This program effectively helps to build individual confidence, helps
to hone individual communication skills and also help with their presentation skills. We are with over
10 years’ experience coaching individuals, businesses and governments. Let us personally help you
deal with your communication and speaking issues. We can expertly, virtually and productively
coach you on the following and more:

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