How do I sign up/register?

Click on plans, choose the category of plan that applies to you (NYSC or Regular Plan), fill in your details, make payment and then you can start immediately.

How long does it take to finish the course?

This depends on the individual involved and how much time is devoted to learning but our recommended advise is to study any single topic twice before going to the next topic.

What do I stand to gain doing this course?

You stand to gain a grounded understanding of how to be confident, how to speak without fear and how to sell yourself, your business or your service. You also stand to gain a globally recognized CPD-UK certification after completion of course.

How do I get my certificate?

You simply click on APPLY FOR CERTIFICATE, respond to the assessment questions by uploading your answers, you will be graded and your certificate will be ready in 14 working days.

Can I give someone my login details to study?

No, and even if you do, they wouldn’t be able to be certified

What basic qualification is needed to study this course?

An understanding of English and the basic understanding of navigating a website

Is there a customer service support?

You can chat with our customer service support at the bottom right of your screen. You can also click on contact to get our customer service contacts

Are there additional services for registered individuals?

Yes, there is a monthly mentorship series directly with our lead coach and this is to help ground what you are learning and help you through the self development process. There is also a free e-book on Confidence and Mastery that every individual gets after registration.

How can organizations benefit from this course?

Yes, they can also register as individuals and receive the certificates as individuals within the organization

How do I make payment?

Simply click on plans, click on the plan that applies to you, payment can be made via Debit cards from any where in the world with the payment channel.

Are Assignments/Assessments compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory your assignments are done and submitted if you would like to promptly get your certificate at the end of your study on CertifiedSpeaking

Can a Foreign Student Register?

Yes, you can. CertifiedSpeaking is a global learning platform and not solely for Africans or Nigerians. Any foreign individual can register by picking the “Foreign Entry” membership plan and make payment electronically. If you need assistance doing so, chat with us on customer care or send us a mail at