How do I sign up/register?

Click on membership, choose the membership plan that suits you, fill in your details, make payment in US Dollars or in Nigerian Naira and then you can start immediately.

How long does it take to finish the course?

This depends on the individual involved and how much time is devoted to learning but our recommendation is to study every topic twice before going to the next topic.

What do I stand to gain doing this course?

You stand to gain a grounded understanding of how to be confident, how to speak without fear and how to sell yourself, your business or your service. You also stand to gain a globally recognized Certified Communication Professional (CCP), CPD-UK certification after completion of course.

How do I get my certificate?

You can click on APPLY FOR CERTIFICATE, fill in the right information and your certificate will be ready in 14 working days.

Can I give someone my login details to study?

No, and even if you do, they wouldn’t be able to be certified

Can I enrol now and start later?

Of course! We highly advise you to enrol now, secure your spot and start when you’re ready.

Do you offer any guarantees?

As stated in our disclaimer below, we only offer excellent coaching service that focuses on your communication and confidence and do not offer direct and guaranteed incomes or jobs. Our clients who have achieved great success have put in the work and are committed to following all instructions provided in our sessions.

Is there a customer service support?

You can chat with customer service at the bottom right of your screen. You can also click on contact via the menu to send us a mail and you will get an immediate response.

Are there additional services for registered individuals?

Yes, there are mentorship sessions that would be held directly with our lead coach. There is also a free e-book on Confidence and Mastery that every individual gets after registration. Simply click on resources to download for free after registration.

How can organizations benefit from this course?

Yes, they can also register as a group (10 minimum) at discounted rates and recieve the certificates as individuals within the organization

How do I make payment?

Simply click on membership, click on the plan that applies to you, payment can be made via Credit or Debit cards from any where in the world (US Dollar or Naira).

Are Assignments/Assessments compulsory?

Assignments are compulsory if you would like to get your certificate at the end of your study on this platform. It also helps us assess your understanding and growth for each topic and to help us evaluate if there would be a need for an intervention.

Can a non-African register?

Yes, you can. Certified Speaking Digital is a global platform and not solely for Africans. You can register using the same registration process as we also accept payments in US Dollar. If you need assistance doing so, chat with us on customer care or send us a mail at

I have a question that was not answered, how can I contact the digital platform?
Please send us an email at